December 3rd 2016 Everywhere, Worldwide
Unite your community with Local Hack Day this year.
Local Hack Day brings together the students at your school on December 3rd 2016 for 12 hours of learning, building and sharing.


What is Local Hack Day?

Local Hack Day is a 12 hour hack day on your school's campus that brings together the local hacker community to celebrate building awesome technology. On December 3rd 2016, other students around the world will be simultaneously hosting their own Local Hack Day at their school, resulting in the single largest day of student hacking ever. Throughout the day, there will be awesome chatrooms, and fun activities that you can use to meet students in your local community as well as across the globe. Whether you're a seasoned hackathon veteran or have never been to a hackathon before, Local Hack Day is the best way to kick off the 2017 MLH Hackathon Season.

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Learn something New.

Pandelis Zembashis
Intro to Git
Briana Swift
Github Pages via GitHub Desktop
Mark Tareshawty
Intro to Hubot
Kim Noel
Intro to Atom
Syeef and Shy
Hackathon Tip #1
Syeef and Shy
Hackathon Tip #2
Syeef and Shy
Hackathon Tip #3
Jared Zoneraich
Intro to HTML/CSS
Cassidy Williams
Intro to Javascript
Dana Lee
Intro to CSS Animations
Helen and Carly
Intro to Python
Jack Cook
Intro to Flask
Intro to Ruby on Rails
Steven Lu
Intro to Node.js
Sam Agnew
Intro to React.JS
Alex Hu
Intro to Ardunio
Alex Wheeler
Intro to Vim
Jamis Johnson
Intro to Machine Learning


Here's what the hackers had to say.

Local Hack Day’s distributed hack day model was an awesome experience since not all students get the opportunity to travel to hackathons. It was a cool feeling knowing that I was hacking at the same time as hundreds of students across the country while watching the same livestreams. It also simultaneously strengthened my local student hacker community.

Taylor Barnett

Local Hack Day was a fantastic way for us to introduce new students to the hackathon community in a relaxed and well guided manner. We had students bringing along their projects and showing others what they were working on. All in all, a great day!

Alex Bucknall

LHD was absolutely amazing. Not only did I learn a lot about organizing, but it made me realize how wonderful the hacking community really is. Everyone was helping each other out and working together without a second thought. It definitely helped me a lot with learning about the small details you wouldn't otherwise notice when putting a hackathon together. Without a doubt, the knowledge I gained from LHD is invaluable for creating better hackathons.

Kenneth Rhee

Get ready for the big day

Organizer Information

Who can organize a Local Hack Day?

Any High School, College, University or Code School anywhere in the world is welcome to join us by organizing a Local Hack Day. Regardless of your experience, Major League Hacking is excited to work with you to celebrate the hacker community at your school. If you're interested in organizing an event, we would love to hear from you - just sign up to host an event and we will reach out with more information.

How do I organize a Local Hack Day?

Organizing a Local Hack Day is really simple. It firstly requires finding a venue and telling everyone about it. Major League Hacking will then work with you on all other aspects of the event, setup, branding etc. On top of mentorship we will also work hard to provide you with surprise swag through the post. Now all you have to do is click here to sign up as a host and we'll walk you through it all!

Is there a minimum amount of people required to register?

No! Whether you have a room full of hackers or just a couple of friends, we want people to have fun with their friends and community, while celebrating with schools around the world.

What are the steps to organize a Local Hack Day?
  • Apply below to be included on the website
  • Find a space with a Projector, Wi-Fi and Power
  • Secure food and drinks for your event
  • Adopt the MLH Code of Conduct at your event
  • Fill out your organizer profile so we can send you surprise swag
  • Distribute posters all around your school or campus
  • Create a Facebook event and invite all your friends
  • Go to CS 101 and invite all your campus freshman
  • Attend chapter meetings of the ACM, WiCS and local hacker clubs to invite every hacker on campus to attend
What is the timeline for hosting a Local Hack Day?

On December 3rd 2016, Local Hack Day will run from 09:00 AM local time until 09:00 PM local time.

Registering to host a Local Hack Day is now open. Generally you're welcome to organize a Local Hack Day whenever you'd like, but keep in mind the following key dates below:

  • Deadline for swag: We'll need all your information on the Organizer Dashboard before November 12th.
  • When to expect swag: We're aiming to have organizers receive their swag the week prior to Local Hack Day.
Is there a code of conduct?

We want to make sure that Local Hack Day events create a safe and inspirational environment for attendees and organizers. For this reason the MLH Code of Conduct should be followed throughout the duration of each event.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Not to worry! Please don't hesitate at all to send us an email - we'd love to hear from you!