Welcome to Local Hack Day 👋

Ready to start hacking? This page has everything you need to know to get the most out of the day!

Event details

Local Hack Day: Build is a day-long global hackathon that you can share with your community. Bring your ideas to life by building new projects and working together with others. Participate in workshops and talks with a community around the world. Over the course of 12 hours, attendees will use hardware and software to build everything from websites to robots to mobile apps and more. This is an event for all skill levels, from beginners to the most veteran developers. Workshop attendees will learn skills that they can apply in their projects, schoolwork, job, and beyond.

  • Local Hack Day is open to anyone part of the worldwide community.
  • Local events are hosted by organizers from around the world.
  • "Build Day" events in December are focused on building something new.

Where to begin

1. Check in with the organizer

Check in with your local organizer and you should be emailed all the links to participate in Local Hack Day including an invite to join the Slack community and the workshop resources.

2. Join the Slack community

During Local Hack Day you’re going to want to stay connected with your local community and the global community around the world. We’re using a chat & collaboration platform called Slack that enables you to do just that! Check in to receive an invite.

3. Watch the welcome video

What's on the schedule?

Your main objective during Build Day is to build something new using technology you've learned. We want to see you build something creative and fun and would love to hear what you've learned. You can team up in groups or build something on your own. There will also be mentors available on Slack if you get stuck.

When you are not busy building a project, you can…

  • Participate in one of your community workshops.
  • Chat with other Local Hack Days around the world on Slack.
  • Join in on one of the community contests.
  • Watch and learn from video workshops online.

There’s no shortage of things to do on Build Day. No matter how you decide to spend your time, we hope you enjoy it!

Resources & tools

Whether you're just learning to code or you're a returning veteran, here are some tools to help you learn and build something awesome!

Microsoft Azure Credits

We are partnering with Microsoft Azure to bring special resources for Local Hack Day participants like $100 Azure credits.

Once you’ve signed up for your free Azure for Students account, check out these great resources:

  • Use the Hack with Azure GitHub repo for easy access to free tutorials and resources to get your project going for Local Hack Day and beyond.
  • Try out interactive training modules on Microsoft Learn covering AI, data science, machine learning and more - there’s something for all skill levels!
  • Take your project to the next level and enter the Imagine Cup for a chance to win $100,000 USD

Not currently enrolled as a student? No problem! You can still power your hack with a free Azure account.

Claim your Microsoft Azure credits →
Free .com Domain Name from Name.com

Verisign and Name.com have teamed up with MLH to provide some sweet free tools for Local Hack Day particpants:

  • NameStudio® - A free domain name suggestion service from Verisign to help you find the perfect domain name.
  • Name.com - A free .com domain name. Enter your six-digit code at checkout on their website. The promo code applies to the first year of registration, and does not apply to renewals, premium registrations, or Advanced Security add-ons.
Claim your .com domain name →
GitHub Developer Pack

Our friends at GitHub put together a suite of a developer tools to help students ship software like a pro. Check out the GitHub Student Developer Pack and use your free access to high quality services!

Some of our favorite resources from the pack are:

  • Unlimited free public and private repositories.
  • Free domain names and SSLs, privacy protection.
  • Full 3-week interview prep course.
  • Microsoft Azure cloud credits for deploying applications.

There are a ton of resources to help get you started. Use your GitHub account to gain access today!

Claim your GitHub Student Developer Pack →
Localhost workshops

We have made available to you our suite of Localhost workshops that you can host with your community.

Here are some of our favorite workshops from the pack:

Localhost provides free, out-of-the-box workshops covering today's most relevant technology that you can share with your community.

Access the Participant Workshop Resources →

Global Prize Categories

MLH will award prizes for the best 3 projects for each of the following categories. To enter, you must submit your project to Devpost, the submission platform for Local Hack Day, and tag your prize category.


Best Use of Microsoft Azure

This prize will be awarded to some of the most amazing projects built using Microsoft Azure technologies. This could be as simple as hosting your project on the Azure Cloud or using one of the many powerful Azure Services like databases, computer vision, or functions! Redeem your $100 Azure Credit to enter this challenge!

$25 GitHub Store Gift Code and $15 Microsoft Store Coupon Gift Code for the top 3 winning teams.


Best Open Source Project on GitHub

GitHub and MLH believe in the power of Open Source. That’s why we’re awarding this prize to some of the top projects that are published on GitHub for others to learn from. Sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and host your project on GitHub to enter this challenge!

$25 GitHub Store Gift Code and $15 Microsoft Store Coupon Gift Code for the top 3 winning teams.


Best .com Domain Name

Every great project needs a great domain name. Sign up for a free .com domain name on Name.com with a coupon from MLH & Verisign to enter this challenge. We’ll be awarding the prize to some of the most creative domain names we see!

$25 GitHub Store Gift Code and $15 Microsoft Store Coupon Gift Code for the top 3 winning teams.


We are using a platform called Slack for collaboration and chat during the event. Hackers from Local Hack Day locations around the world will be on Slack.

You can chat with them about what they’re learning, building, and sharing. You’ll also be able to ask for help / mentorship if you get stuck during a workshop.

There are a few major channels on Slack that you should know about:

  • #announcements - Where we’ll be sharing major updates about the global Local Hack Day event, including new resources, contests, and more.
  • #general - Where you can chat with other Local Hack Day participants around the world about what they’re learning, building, and sharing.
  • #ask-mlh - Where you can ask questions for the MLH team to answer.
  • #ask-microsoft - Where you can ask questions for the Microsoft team to answer.

Additionally, each official workshop will have its own channel where you can chat with other participants and give/receive help. You’ll get your invite to slack in the email you received when you checked in to the event.

Community Contests

Looking for something to do when you're not attending a workshop? Try your hand at one of our community contests. They're a great way to meet other attendees!

Drawing Contest
Photo Contest
Mentorship Award
Slack Raffles
#MyOctocat Drawing Contest

Are you feeling artistic? Draw your own version of GitHub’s adorable mascot and you could win a t-shirt or other swag! Your entry can be hand-drawn or digital and winners will be selected the week after Local Hack Day!


To enter, tweet what you made at @MLHacks & @GitHubEducation along with the hashtags #MyOctocat & #LocalHackDay.

See #MyOctocat drawings →

Have a question?

You can ask any questions you have in the #ask-mlh channel in Slack. You can also email the MLH team at [email protected].

We are here to make sure everyone has a good experience. Reach out with questions or concerns you may have. Happy Hacking!


MLH's Local Hack Day would not be possible without the support of an amazing group of sponsors & partners.

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